For anyone that uses more than one social media network (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) I think Hootesuite is a good option, especially for businesses. Hootsuite is a management tool that allows content, feeds, and profiles to be updated from one place. Instead of logging into Twitter to post your status and then logging into Facebook to update the status, all of them can be managed from one place (the Hootesuite dashboard). I don’t really have a need to Hootsuite myself, as I only use Facebook, but I recently set up Hootsuite for my job. I’m the marketing coordinator at Lakeshore Athletic Club (6,000+ memeber, 150,000 square foot health club and spa) and one thing we really struggle with is being able to reach all of our members for important communication items (schedules, closures, etc.) and marketing initiatives. We send out updates via our Twitter account, Facebook page, and Foursquare, but it can become a bit tedious to update each of them with the same message multiple times a day. Did I mention that there is a general club Twitter account plus one for our tennis program? There are also separate Facebook and Foursquare pages for the Spa. So really, it is unrealistic for anyone to spend the amount of time it would take to update each of these individually multiple times a day.

In comes Hootsuite. We opted for the most basic package (more cost for reporting and stats about click throughs, retweets, page views, etc.). We are able to input events and updates to be scheduled as far ahead of time as we’d like, by simply entering the message into one platform and letting Hootesuite take it from there. It has saved us a lot of work and a lot of time.

I’d be interested to hear feedback from someone that has used Hootsuite for their personal accounts rather than business. If you’re like me and only use one or two social media outlets, it seems unnecessary. But I can definitely see a blogger or journalist that has a large following being able to take advantage of some of the many features available with Hootsuite.

See it here: http://hootsuite.com/

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