The AP Stylebook app for mobile devices.

There are numerous apps out there that can benefit journalists. The list is quite expansive and ranges from apps that help with audio and video recording/editing/streaming (such as ReelDirector and UStream) to photography and photo editing (Photoshop Mobile) to blogging (WordPress Mobile). It was hard to focus on just one, which is why I posted the two lists that encompass all these helpful apps in my previous post. So, I decided to go a more traditional route and focus less on a cutting-edge technological app and more on something that supports the basic tenants of journalism. This app is the Digital AP Stylebook that is available for iPhones, iPads and iPod touches, BlackBerrys and Androids.

A rather simple app, yes, but as journalism students (and as journalists) we cant deny the importance of the AP Stylebook. In a world where journalists are increasingly mobile and reporting, writing, editing and producing work right on the scene, it may be inconvenient to lug around a hard copy of the AP Stylebook with you. In fact, I assume a lot of journalists leave the Stylebook on their desk when they go out in the field to report. With this app, you have all the information you need right on your mobile device, so creating stories in the field becomes much easier and your field writing will become much more reliable in terms of its adherence to AP style.

Also, I believe AP updates the app periodically as changes and revisions are made to the AP Stylebook, so unlike your hard copy book that remains static and can become outdated, the app will keep you at the forefront of AP style techniques.

The AP Stylebook app is straightforward. It isn’t a fancy journalistic app by any means. It does, however, help support the basic tenets of journalistic writing, so its importance is immense. A journalist who is producing work out in the field and/or on the go from mobile devices can benefit greatly from having this convenient app. You can quickly search for words and flip through the various categories – for some, this may make it a faster and easier alternative to the actual physical AP Stylebook. You can also add notes, create your own custom entries and bookmark more frequently visited listings.

I have not used the app myself, but after looking at the pictures it seems like the app’s interface is simple and would be quick and easy to navigate. In the Apple App Store, it costs $24.99. I personally have used the online version of the AP Stylebook for over a year now, and find it much more preferable to my hard copy  book. It just makes using the stylebook a faster process. If the app is anything like the online version, then it is a worthy product.

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