AP adds new social media guidelines

Today, the AP updated it is social media guidelines to include live-tweeting and an updating section on how to connect with newsmakers on social media, further cementing social media’s importance in the future of journalism.

In brief, live-tweeting of public news events is fine as long as it does not come before the news desk. You are also not supposed to publish exclusive material on Twitter before the wire publishes it first. 

Making contact with politicians, news-makers, and sources is OK as long as its on both sides of a controversial issue. 

The AP is also weary of re-tweeting as a sign of endorsement or expression of a personal opinion. 

How do these new guidelines negotiate the already entrenched branding of the AP with the emergence with new and potential hierarchically disruptive forms of media as Twitter? Are these guidelines just helpful tips for new reporters, or is there something more subtly attached to each guideline about the established order? 

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