40 Years After Watergate, Nixon was Far Worse Than We Thought,” Washington Post, 6/8/12

For those of you who have studied Watergate and the role of Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in uncovering the role of Richard Nixon in that scandal, here’s a piece by Woodward and Bernstein that looks back on the story and what they know now.

What’s the Business Model of Curation,” Poynter Institute, 6/8/12

Since the “American Homecomings” project is primarily a digital curation project, I thought this might be of interest to those of you who are considering that option for one of the course requirements. You might want to follow a few of the links, as well.

Social News Apps Vie for News Readers’ Attention,” Talking Points Memo, 6/4/12

Here’s something you all need to read to get a sense of how some new news reading apps may be changing how we get our news. Additionally, it’s worth paying attention to general manager Jake Levine describes the types of news that people consume and how their patterns of consumption differs from one type of news to another. Consider how that resonates with you as a news user, and what it might mean for news organizations.

“Why I watched a snake-handling pastor die for his faith,” Washington Post, 5/31/12

I ran across this piece in the Washington Post by a news photographer. It’s a first-person piece, which I normally wouldn’t encourage you to read since it’s not the best model of what journalism should be, but in this case I’m making an exception. The author, Lauren Pond, talks about her decision to simply photograph the final hours of the life of a Pentecostal pastor who had been bitten by a rattlesnake, rather than calling for medical help. It’s an interesting look behind the scenes at one journalist’s story.

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